The AI Art Manifesto launched

As part of our work with enabling artificial intelligence, in its many forms, to be an enhancer for the great variety of art manifests, we are now initiating a collaboration with an artist collective to formulate and integrate our future initiatives in this exceptionally exciting field. As a starting point, we have crafted an AI Art Manifesto which will focus our efforts and coming ventures.
* Art is the pinnacle of human achievement
* Let art be art again!
* Do not fight technological development, embrace it
* An algorithm is never responsible, ultimately it reflects its developer’s intent
* The world and us humans are much more complex than what
any data patterns can replicate or express
* If and when artificial intelligence becomes truly autonomous,
that is when this is going to get really interesting!
* Genuine creativity will be worth more than ever!

Do

Published by Niklas Hageback

Niklas Hageback The Virtual Mind

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