In the (random) forest, only Vygotsky will hear you scream by Niklas Hageback


Posting a short teaser on a paper on machine learning, soon in book format, that you might find fascinating.


The name Lev Vygotsky might only vaguely ring a bell these days, and that is a pity. He did some groundbreaking research on pedagogy about a century ago, which still forms the edifice of many educational systems, although often distorted to the point of being unrecognisable. However, if going back to his original writings and being a devoted artificial intelligista, one cannot but notice how a juxtaposition between the theories from this since long dead Marxist psychologist and the tools currently being used in machine learning bring out some remarkable features.

These are features that actually will help improve many AI applications often mediocre performance and add a fascinating perspective in how we can synchronise the phases of human learning with machine learning. This is a paper, and soon extended into a book to be with the title Ghost in the Machine – Human Learning meets Machine Learning, guaranteed to be interesting for anyone having a bend for artificial intelligence in general and machine learning in particular.

KEY TERMS: Lev Vygotsky, Random Forest, Meta Learning, Ensemble Learning, Classifiers, Case based reasoning, Association based reasoning.

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