The Downfall of China or CCP v3.0 by Niklas Hageback

NIKLAS HAGEBACK. The Downfall of China or CCP 3.0 is a book describing why the CCP now has arrived at a critical junction where the path chosen will decide whether it will face an impending downfall, or yet again can manage to radically transform itself and weather the storm. The CCP has encountered similar decisive moments before when it cleverly managed to re-invent itself into a v 2.0 of sorts, from Marxist dogma and introduced state controlled capitalism, which became a magnificent success. But the proverbial low hanging fruits have all been picked and the problems cropping up are of a psychological rather than an economic nature as China is embarking on a digital economy upgrade driven by innovation. However, an innovative economy rests on creativity which requires critical thinking and an open mind which one cannot foresee where its manifests will end up, something which by default will make any authoritarian regime uneasy, herein lies a dilemma; creativity or conformity? The CCP is a political party in dire need of soul searching, something prevented through an outdated organisational structure and the question remains, will it manage to yet again transform itself, this time to a CCP v3.0?

Pre-order your copy now, due for release 15 September 2020 by Gaudium.

Published by Niklas Hageback

Niklas Hageback The Virtual Mind

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